Zero Hour: Trigun [yaoi]play

/let's have a tea party!

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Closed Community, set up for multi-player Trigun yaoi RP!

Rules? We don't need no stinkin rules!!
..Okay, so maybe just a few!

> All RP is TURN BASE! Who-goes-when will be established when everything is ready to go!

> If a player does NOT POST, your turn will be SKIPPED!
>>Let us know if you're going on hiatus, and we can work it out.

> Posting guidelines and all that...

...Please keep Mun/OOC talk within some kind of notorious mun-bubble.
IE; ][Anything inside these is Mun talk. Parenthesis can be used too, whatever makes you happy.][

...You cannot control the actions of another charater.

...Be smutty! :D Ahem.

...Ah, don't post out of turn, unless it's okay with the player you're skipping.

...Suggest plots, if you've got any ideas. Please.

>Current Players

ickieshada: Vash the Stampede
modernmouse: Nicholas D. Wolfwood
little_speaker: Millions Knives
techno4tomcats: Legato Bluesummers

Yesss, other characters are welcome. Chat with us about it, we'll figure something out.